7 Steps for Christian Women to Release Lies & Gain Truth

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7 Steps for Christian Women to Release Lies & Gain Truth

What’s does truth look like for women today?

We live in a world, where our children are growing up confused about where truth begins and lies end. As women we have experienced our truth being silenced for thousands of years. We are experts on burying lies with a stiff smile. A few brave women have spoken their truth out loud to mixed reviews while we held our breath for reactions.

Is your desire for truth to convince others or to release pain, and heal yoursel? We carry so many lies deep within that manifest in relationships, money, and our children.

What prevents us from speaking our truth?

  • people can’t handle the truth
  • you are protecting somebody
  • people won’t believe us
  • people won’t understand
  • people will gossip about you
  • people will look at you different
  • your future will be plagued
  • you will lose respect or friends

Lies about speaking the truth

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” 
― Aldous Huxley,

Many women think burying the lies protects somebody else. That’s a lie. If you look at the bullets your reasons are all about other people. Honestly, other people aren’t thinking about you. They have enough of their own issues.

 What painful truth do you need to give to God?

  • ________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________________________

Your lies affect 100% of your life and future adversely. Your truth revealed may sting initially, but your future will reap health and blessings for generations to come. Lies are from the enemy, who wants to kill and destroy you. Truth brings power by activating courage, boldness and a fresh start.

How do I know? I tried burying my lies by;

  • being controlling
  • wearing the mask
  • lack of sleep
  • high blood pressure
  • headaches
  • anxious
  • nervous
  • not trusting others
  • unworthy
  • forgotten by God

I learned my truth was in the power of releasing my lies to Jesus in private first, which led to speaking globally.

7 Steps to Living Healed

John 14:5- “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  1. Make the decision now to release your truth to Jesus, and heal yourself first
  2. Find your private place to meet Jesus daily
  3. Start by talking to Jesus about what you have buried deep for 15 mins a day (time yourself) for 90 days.
  4. Journal your emotions so you can look back and see your journey to freedom.
  5. Ask Jesus to lead you to a coach  that will respect your privacy
  6. Read the word of God with yourself in mind.

Word of God – Genesis 3

What I love about the story of Adam and Eve;

  • Adam/Man blamed Eve for eating the fruit
  • Eve told God the truth about being deceived
  • God cursed the serpent for his deception
  • God disciplined Eve and Adam
  • God made Eve a promise
  • God was harsher on Adam- was this due to him not stating the truth.
  • God made them clothes since they stated they were naked (and the only two people looking at each other). Side note smile- I guess the animals were staring at them.
  • Generations later Mary delivered that promise in Jesus.
  • God doubled down on his promise by a lowly woman being the first to bring the good news to men that, Jesus has risen!

Eve’s truth brought a sting initially, but God had a plan for her disobedience in her truthfulness. What if Adam had just told the truth and repented by asking Gods forgiveness? He would have disciplined them, but my personal belief is things would have been  different.

 Today, God has a plan for you! No matter how broke, busted and disgusted you are he is ready to hear your truth, repentance, and prayers. Learn by Eve’s example; God honors truth and deals with your enemies first. They will not escape his justice.

If you want to learn more, you can read a free chapter of the book Christian Warrior Women: whttp://www.womenlivinghealed.com

Lisa Hawkins, the author of Amazon bestseller, “Christian Warrior Women,” ordained minister, coach, and executive. https://goo.gl/MjbRuU

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