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Amazon #1 Bestseller Christian Author!

If you are feeling eager to be healed and to work on your future; if you are ready to take the next step to become a healthy and happy individual, then Christian Warrior Women: A guide to taking back your Faith, Family & Future  is the item you are missing for your growth.

The most important achievement of this book, has not been the fact that it became a bestselling book in the “Christian Living category” in Amazon: but rather that it has become a part of many life changes from hundreds of families and women. And THAT has been Lisa’s greatest award.

All the teachings from Atlanta and every advice recollected from the ministry experience, from women’s amazing journeys and from the witnessed miracles – are all encapsulated in this book. And today, we want to share it with you.

Christian Warrior Women: What is this series about?

Do you believe your mistakes are unredeemable? Have your expectations lowered down through the years, or have they been somehow shattered? Has a recent breakup or divorce left you emotionally and/or financially defeated? You are afraid to lose or not find Mr.Right?

Many women around the world are playing different parts in their community – regardless of their age, ethnicity and social status. Many are leaders and owners of companies or large corporations. Many are emotional supporters of their households or stay at home-moms.

Subjects like equal rights, sexual harassment, pressure from career and family aspects and wage discrepancy are just a few examples of the challenges that women go through – even today. It has become quite a difficult thing to get rid, considering that social media is now a validation and confirmation mechanism on what’s “wrong” and “right”.

This leads to a vicious cycle of women feeling miserable because of these unfair perceptions, that come from a gender biased society.

But you know what? Your mistakes can be corrected. Financial stability is more approachable than you think. Your expectations are yet to be met – they don’t have to disappear. A break up or a divorce are only new beginnings. Your significant other is still out there. You can still be a healthy, stable and happy person. And that’s a fact you can test by yourself.

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The classic self-hate formula is one of the most common phenomena from which uncountable women suffer. It’s the result of an incredible demanding social – and many times family – pressures. Feeling insecure is something that needs to be attended, and one of the most effective ways to approach this situation is by starting spiritual healing.

Many women have trusted the Christian Warrior Women series and have been able to find their answers, their worth and the reasons – the real motives – to feel beautiful. Do you want to know them?

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